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This page provides download links for windows install packages for Koha Open Source Library Software. Please visit Koha's home page for additional general information about Koha.


Koha on Windows Documentation in PDF format
Please send suggestions for improving these documents to Rob via the Koha-Win32 list. These same instructions are available in HTML format by clicking the link in the sidebar.
(Last updated ~April 2004 - 70 KB)

Koha V2.2.9 Stable Release for Windows
This is a Windows install package for Koha V2.2.9. It requires the supporting programs (Apache, MySQL, and ActivePerl) listed below be installed first. This install includes additional perl modules needed to run Koha, so you don't need the package of Perl modules listed next. (But you do still need to do the base install of Activestate Perl.)

R1-Compiled February 22, 2008 - includes Perl Modules and YAZ Toolkit.
(Install build R1 last updated February 22, 2008 - 24 MB)

ActivePerl 5.8.x Modules for Koha
Installs extra ActivePerl modules needed to run Koha. This package should work on any 5.8.8.x version of ActivePerl. It should be safe to run or rerun as necessary - it only does Perl modules. It does not touch any other portion of your Koha install. You do NOT need this package if you are doing a full install of Koha. All of these moudles are included in the full install package.

R1-Updated Dec. 5, 2006 to include Net-Z3950-ZOOM
R2-Updated Dec. 8, 2006 to include XSloader
R3-Updated Dec. 27, 2006 to include MARC-charset, test-simple, Getopt-Long, Mail-RFC822-Address
R4-Updated Jan. 8, 2007 fixed errors that caused DBD-mysql and MARC-charset to fail to install
R5-Updated Jan. 20, 2007 to include Locale-PO and updated MARC-Record to 2.0RC Sourceforge version
R7-Updated April 23, 2007 with updates to several modules including NET-Z3950-Zoom
(Install build R7 last updated April 23, 2007 - 10.2 MB)

Apache - V2.2.8 or V2.0.63    (available here.)
MySQL - V4.1.22 (available here).
   Koha V2.2.9 should also work with MySQL - V5.0.51  (available here)
ActiveState Perl - V5.8.8.822 or V5.8.8.817   (available here.)
YAZ Toolkit - is included in the Koha v2.2.9 install package.

Last Updated February 23, 2008


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